The Affordances of Virtual-synchronous Silence

To continue the discussion on paradoxical affordances and virtual choirs (see the 'Architectures for productive networking' hot-seat at the NLC site ).

The performance of the Virtual Choir is created by mixing together a huge number of individual recordings, all following a score, and following the conductor. The result is stunning as a performance, and fascinating as an affordance.

Several people in the discussion (see above), like Peter, Jeffrey and Hilary, pointed to the role of the imagination in creating a 'network', and possibly some networked learning - certainly networked experience.

The imagination is truly powerful, and (to re-coin my own phrase) learning which takes place amongst (imagined, synchronous !! ) participants can be really inspiring (see example in the Facebook discussions on the Virtual Choir, on the woman who took up choir singing again after learning how to 'leave her ego at the door').

To go back to an earlier quote from Peter, the conductor creates a virtual synchronicity with his conducting of silence that 'opens up the space for the spirit of the participants'. Another (completely different) 'paradoxical affordance' for my framework (see elsewhere in these discussions, and here ...).

As an erstwhile semiotician, the idea of creating an architecture, and conducting a choir, in 'virtual, synchronous silence' just blows my socks off - who would have though there was an affordance that powerful, in a place like that? (See a related affordance here ... )