Integrity and Utilities

Affordances are part of various ecological discourses: digital ecologies, knowledge ecologies, ecological psychology.

A range of people in all of the above fields (and more, besides) are now using a number of crucial conceptual tools, which are starting to stack up, to gel, into a discourse that can account for complex, dynamic, social and technical ecologies: affordances, utilities, integrity-and-autonomy, see below (cross posted from here )

Costall and Dreier's book on Things has a fascinating chapter by Forchhammer on the woman who used her walking stick as a telephone, which accounts for 'agency' in interesting and new ways, using: "integrity and autonomy".

Integrity-and-autonomy (collocative integration added) takes into account strategies (banging a walking stick on the ceiling to make the equivalent of a phone call) that a person with mobility problems develops as part of their 'integrity' - integrity is thus dynamic, and is not confined to the normative.

Individuality on the other hand, is deeply embedded in normative, rights, and objective (meta-semiotic) discourses.

I sense an emerging discourse here, of affordances, integrity-and-autonomy, and Forchhammer's notion of utility, defines as: "technologies - strategies or objects - that are, intentionally or unintentionally, used in practice by different parties in order to alleviate a problem that has arisen"), which transcends the outmoded, Weberian notion of 'individuality'.