Resonant Knowledge/s

  • As an 'academic' I have always meant, one day, to write fully fledged hypertexts instead of academic papers, and have been frustrated for many years by the constraints of the narrow affordances of 'publications'. The is an attempt to start that process (and build on this 'wiki' / blog).

  • So ... this page is where the initiating 'text' will be started, and it might or might not end up being the 'core' text, or we might end up with no 'core' text. ('We', because this is an invitation to anyone out there to collaborate in the 'writing').

  • Alongside this, I have started another page, called about resonant knowledge which I will use (and others are welcome to add to, edit, change, etc) to describe parts of the process that I am / we are experiencing en route.

So ... to the 'text' ... (which will, for those who know me, be multiple, multiple drafts, usefully saved on this wiki in 'versions' as we proceed). And it will be written in 'topics' (listed below), rather than sequential sections or chapters.

In a world of complex adaptive networks (e.g. twitter, and yes that does include using the internet as the ‘sewer of the planet’) the palette, the substance, the ‘neural’ network, the stuff of knowledge is being constantly being reconfigured, within a new, overarching mode – which we might call resonant knowledge/s.

The dynamics of 'resonant' knowledge/s is a function of how we manage and interact with the balance between the openness / structure of open media, markets and spaces of the early part of the 21st Century.

Resonant knowledge is actually more of a 'set' or a panoply of modes of knowledge, rather than a single mode, as it covers a range of affordances from the foul 'sewers of the internet' right through to the 'pristine' realms of mathematical science and computer code.

For starters, it reconfigures the earlier distinction that I made between formal knowledge and ante-formal knowledge, and explores whether it makes more sense to incorporate them into an overarching category of resonant knowledge - what we might call a millennial configuration ( or a fifth phase) of the emergence of the four previous knowledge cycles, which were sketched out in the paper, A Knowledge Process Cycle:
Fig 1 & 2 KPCs 0.2.png


(in inverse chronological order)

Taxonomy of Resonant Knowledges
Questions about resonance
The resonant knowledge field
Overview (on this page, above)