The question here is:

Which is the affordance?
Or... What's in a moon?

Its probably heretical, but I really think we need to move on from Apollo, and dont even think about sending a little H. Sapiens to Mars, its really laughable, and if there are any ET's out there, I am sure they would call it 'vanity travel'.

Apollo was really impressive politics, a once in a lifetime media opportunity, but with no science in sight - certainly from today's perspective. But that's almost a caricature of where we are now, isnt it? Do you think we can focus on the planet at hand, for a while?

History tells us (unwilling learners) that politicians' worst characteristic is projecting attention as far away from themselves as possible, in times of crisis - it used to be wars - on foreign soil, if at all possible, now its space, and 'planets', but what's changed?

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