The methodology for this project has developed over about two years.

This is a rough outline of the method, written retrospectively. So at the top will be the most recent version, starting from Greenwich 1.0. We will add the earlier parts of the story below, and sometime soon we will start describing the next version, probably to be called Greenwich 2.0, which will be added at the top.

Position Paper
We have written a paper for BJELTwhich outlines and summarises our current position on methodology.

Greenwich 1.0
1. Using an adaptation of BNIM, BNIM #2, we create story space for students to tell own stories and micro-stories of the way they make sense of their learning, on the way to becoming a practitioner or professional (however they define that).
2. The stories and micro-stories are put into a graphic interface which makes it easy to click on graphic buttons for the story, or any of the micro-stories, to read the text of that section, and click again to listen to the audio version of that section.
3. The student can add pictures to each of the buttons, to given them visual 'names'.
4. The student can add pictures to each section, elsewhere on the screen, to illustrate the type of story, experience, issue in that section.
etc, to taste