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Roy Williams (dustcube): I head up the Flexible Learning Studio in the Faculty of Technology. I design learning spaces, and work with colleagues to design, develop and implement their courses, using whatever electronic tools and platforms are appropriate. I'm interested in how people actually learn, particularly now that there is so much material available on the 'Net. The name 'dustcube' is a combination of chance and design: I got assigned it, randomly, by a computer as a temporary password, and took a liking to it, and then realised that it also related to my favourite learning object: the trinomial cube, so I've adopted it.

My links:
Affordances: http://roytwilliams.wordpress.com/
Designs: http://designs4blendedwolf.blogspot.com/
WOLF: http://ofow.blogspot.com/
Online Simulation: http://sim4asialink.wikispaces.com/
Dave Snowden’s Blog: http://www.cognitive-edge.com/

Simone Gumtau: I am a Research Associate on the Affordances4Learning project and a Senior Lecturer on the MA Design for Digital Media at the School of Art, Design and Media.

My links (resources need updating):
Webpage charting some projects and research on Sensory Design: http://www.moohnaland.de
Blog I started a while back, cannot be edited anymore: http://www.moohnaland.de/blog/blogger.html
MSN space started for a Visual Research project: http://visualresearch.spaces.live.com/PersonalSpace.aspx?_c02_owner=1