One of the affordances that we were searching for was or a way not just to describe emergent learning in theoretical terms, but to describe how emergent learning actually happens. This we have now done, and have developed a template, or palette, for describing, in a single graphic, what and how emergent learning happens. Feel free to add to this page, or to add comments or discussion (see the bubbles at top of the screen).

There is also a beta palette that you can use to try it out yourself. See here ...

What we are trying to do is to map out, precisely, how and what happens in emergent learning, and the dynamics of change (over a series of 'footprints') as the learning event or installation proceeds. And to map out the design of emergent learning, and emergent curricula too.

The footprint does not map out the content of the learning, although clearly that has to be taken into account. The footprints just try to show what is happening, and the changing dynamics between structure and agency in the learning ecology / event. Whether a particular design, or footprint/s is appropriate for particular content, or aims is an important, but quite a separate, issue. As Latour says, if you get the description (really) right, quite a lot of the analysis naturally falls into place. (I paraphrase with some license, but that's because I dont endorse his whole model).