New wiki 2008-12-26 (rw)
Simone has started a new wiki for the proposed new project, Beyond Text: Interactive and Collaborative Reflective Practice
Have a look if you are interested. Its potentially a two year project, with provision in year two for additional partners.

1 December 2008 Funding Scenarios (rw)

Here are some funding scenarios that we might consider

A. Portsmouth funded project, including a budget to provide training, support, collaboration with other researchers and institutions. This would not provide funds to your institution, but it would provide funds for us to collaborate with and support your participation, including providing payment to participants if necessary, and payment for expenses.

B. Inter-institutional funded project: Portsmouth would be the lead institution, but you would, as a collaborative institution, have your own budget, and it would buy out a portion of your own time to spend on the project. This is what we would prefer, if we can find the funding for it. It would take quite a few months to get processed.

C. Pilot mini-projects: Training and support provided as part of a 'dissemination' strategy (we have some funds that may be able to be vired into next year for this purpose), in which we would be able to assist in January, although it might be a little tight. In any of these scenarios, we would need to provide a day's training, and a day's support, at the least.

27 October 2008: Concept Document Draft 1 (rw)
Here is a first draft of a concept document for future funding (2009-2011).

This is a summary of where the project is at, and it contains an outline which might form the basis for future collaboration on a new, follow up project. We are actively looking for future collaborators: