Just came across 'lines of desire' (from a reference to Rose Luckin's book).


It strikes me as a great metaphor for affordances and for emergence: lines of desire 'emerge', by definition, from actual use, and are in some way or other the inscriptions of intensions in space - both physical and social (and cognitive and subconscious, for that matter).

This underlies much if not all of the 'flavour' of the way the emergent learning is described in 'Footprints' of emergence

It would be very interesting to create a set of learning affordances by designing a 'course' on the basis of:
  • Lines of desire (where the course is heading, rather than how it's going to get there)
  • Negative constraints, rather than positive 'outcomes'.

The contrary to lines of desire would be 'prescriptive' paths, as in:


... which demonstrates that prescriptive and emergent both have their own aesthetics.