Great post on Linked In's "Learning without Frontier' group, on Ethiopian village kids being given a 'hole in a box' version of Mitra's 'hole in a wall'.

I responded, basically, yes and no as follows:

I am a great fan of Mitra's work and (Negroponte's). But I still depend on colleagues and people in networks to fast-track me to the 'next step' in my learning. Its often just one step that I need, but it often makes all the difference.
Mitra's 'granny clouds' are an interesting, minimalist, approach to the matter. I would guess we still need "granny cloud +".
And if you follow the design imperative in emergent learning (define negative constraints, not positive outcomes), many of the best 'next step' tips are not where you should step, next, but where you shouldn't.

A kind of 'cul-de-sac avoidance mentor-cloud' is what we all need, no? (No different of course form peer-moderated learning, invented (twice) in the 17th Century - once by the King James Bible CoP, and once by Charles II's Royal Society.

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