UBS (and 'Unlimited') is doing a 'greenwash' PR job on the 'post-digital' world.

In the fine print they refer to "detached digital natives", or what we used to call "air-conditioned gypsies".

And there’s the rub - someone, somewhere has to do all the ‘hand-work’, and keep the power stations going that feed the (out of sight) air conditioners. In Joburg we used to say that the Rhema ‘church’ (wholesale happy clappy 'Christianity' for the rich) was "sprinkling holy water on capitalism" (and Apartheid, en passant), and this morphed after 1990 into its post-Apartheid equivalent, 'Gucci communism'.

But UBS's Unlimited 'post-digital' world, and 'post-human' culture makes it all look like a secular (and thereby more acceptable?) version of a new 'victim-less' utopia.

The aesthetics have improved, but so has the ‘detachment’ - or what Marx, and the critical theorists of the 60’s just used to call “alienation”.