Moving on from the work outlined in Reflection and Data, we (Jenny Mackness, Jutta Pauschenwein and Roy Williams) will, hopefully, see the publication of a chapter on transformations in (open) learning, which outlines ways in which research into threshold concepts can be extended, and perhaps 'transformed', too, by integrating it with research into threshold practices, as in this extract:

[Such an approach] ... "does not shy away from the issues raised by Meyer et al. (2010), in engaging with often uncomfortable threshold concepts and threshold practices which are necessary for learning, growth and professional development. It provides new tools for articulating and sharing learning experience, including both the transformations involved in the epistemic shifts of the threshold concepts which Meyer et al. have developed in detail over the years, but also the ontological transformations of the threshold practices that confront learners, which are specifically foregrounded in the Footprints. To manage these transitions and transformations, and to articulate and share them, the person engaging with the footprints has to be honest and courageous – because they are engaging not only with the materials, but more so with themselves, and their own identities – personal, social, cultural and professional".