42 Revisited
If the new openness (starting with cMOOCs) is the answer, what is the question? (for 'you' - who could be a learner, designer, researcher, evaluator, funder, or all of the above):

  • How much openness is good for you, and in what way/s?
  • How have you experienced the new open learning - so far?
  • And what's changed along the way - so far?
  • What have you learnt - about learning, yourself, networking, (life and the universe ... )?

In more detail - which we will be discussing at the forthcoming conference in Graz, Austria: Evaluation of Open Learning Scenarios, and will, hopefully, also be discussing at the forthcoming EDEN Research Workshop in Oxford - the questions are:
  • How much openness and collaboration is good for learning, and for particular learners, courses, contexts?
  • How do we design (and research) adaptive, dynamic, responsive, ‘emergent’ learning events, and ‘emergent curricula’?
  • How can we design (and research) emergent events in which capabilities, professional development, and social networking are all interlinked?
  • How can we explore, map out, articulate, share, and collaboratively reflect on all this?
  • How can we develop tools, apps, 'probes' that we can 'put into the hands of learners', for them to get on with their own, 'open' learning - individually and collaboratively?