Here is the project report, as sent to the HEA.

It is an extensive document (68 pages), and covers the theory, project, and findings in detail. It also refers to the methodology paper, which is listed as 'Methodology' in the Contents column on the left.

1. Executive summary 5
2. Introduction 11
3. Project outline 12
Aims and outcomes of project
Methodology of the project
Case and Participants
4. Theoretical Framework 16
5. Findings 28
Negotiating Learning and Identity 30
Articulating and Communicating Learning and Identity 53
6. Conclusions 61
Further research
7. References 63
There is also a shortened version, which was rewritten for the HEA conference in Manchester in July 2009, which is available here:
HEA PAPER (Roy) 4.doc

And the powerpoint slides for the HEA presentation are available here:
Presentation Final.ppt