Suzanne Moore writes about the overlap between the discourses of gentrification in London, and the discourse of Daesh. Both (in very different ways, of course) want to achieve order, and cleans 'us' of disorder. She rails against the "retail cleansing" of the old Soho (and much else) in London, by the 1%'s current housing boom/bubble (the most spurious part of GDP 'growth' that Camer-borne's government has invented yet).

There will always be a contest between order and disorder, and people will always reach for their most convenient and comfortable mythologies (real, historical, metaphysical ... add to taste) and narratives to justify their particular position. In social science (positivist social science particularly) this is known as physics envy - the desire to hammer out certainty in social life, research, and 'order', where complexity and reflexivity are the rule. Creativity, life, happiness, innovation - they all need a little bit of madness, of chaos, even sleaze (see Moore's article, above).

London in 2015 is being paved (over?) with the order of the new 'great flat white' housing estates in the sky (with separate entrances for the 'beneficiaries' of social housing - enough to make an Apartheid White South African feel at home).

Maybe the new Puritanism of housing 'development' and the neo-Puritanism of Daesh have a lot in common. They both dream of a fundamentally ordered world without impurities, without social pollution, without chaos (and in Daesh's case, with women neatly 'cut' and invisible).

Neatness, that's the new ideological goal. Count me out.