Fast / fasting ...

(Cologne hits the fan #2)

Zizek, in his recent article, writes that

“Badiou is right to emphasise that there is no emancipatory potential in fundamentalist violence, however anti-capitalist it claims to be: it is a phenomenon strictly inherent to the global capitalist universe, its “hidden phantom”. The basic fact of fundamentalist fascism is envy. Fundamentalism remains rooted in the desire for the west in its very hatred of the west”

So what needs to be done is to separate out the glam-fascism from the aesthetic of austere systems of behaviour – systems that (as it happens) resonate with austere elements of a range of religions: Islam, mystic Christianity, Buddhism, all of which revere the release from desire – and from glamour, and its Millennial incarnations in fashion, glamour ‘models’, celebrity, billionairism, etc, which are the oxygen of the global media - adding fuel to the bonfires of the vanities.

Glam-fascists and glam-capitalists share a lot more than they/we are prepared to admit.

The human potential lies in the opposite direction of travel from either glam-fascism or its twin, glam-capitalism. See Francis's example, here ...

A carnival of silence anyone?